Food Ethos

We believe that food should both taste good and feel good. That means making a positive impact on the food system whenever we can, whether by sourcing local or buying organic. With each bite of our fresh, chef-inspired ingredients, you’ll be part of the health food revolution.

What sets us apart from other Poke restaurants: Find us inside Whole Foods Market—we’ve got their stamp of approval for ethical and quality standards. Sample our delicious veggies and fresh catches of seafood. You’ll never go back!

Sustainable Fish

We value the health of our oceans and the future of marine populations. That’s why we’re constantly looking to source seafood from responsibly managed farms and MSC-certified wild-capture fisheries. Our standards are the highest in the industry as we require no use of antibiotics, no genetically modified or cloned seafood, no added preservatives, and traceability of all fish from farm to store.

Responsibly grown

We’re always striving to bring you better.  As much as possible, we seek our produce free from synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers. We love working with farmers who conserve biodiversity, protect soils, and reduce waste. 


You can freely enjoy our exciting flavor combinations and succulent seafood: in each bowl of fresh ingredients, you’ll know exactly what you get.  Each of our signature bowls and products come with nutrition information.


Food safety is vital to the health of our bodies and our planet. We aim towards non-GMO ingredients free from harmful pesticides and substances.